7 Games From My Childhood That Should Be Olympic Events

For every Olympic Games, a discussion arises regarding which events to include. Many feel that the subjective events like gymnastics and diving shouldn’t be included. Only sports that have points based on game rules or races that don’t require human […]

I’m Crying Here

My friend told me she never cries. She simply didn’t feel sadness much and never had any real reason to cry. Either she is lying or she is painfully un-self-aware. You can’t say, “boo,” to her without making her break-down. […]

Satan is a Bad Influence

I feel like I need to start this post with the following declaration: I have no skin in this game. I’m Catholic. I attended private Catholic school for a few years, but mostly I was enrolled in public schools. We […]

Guns and Roses: A Gracious Guide To Southern Lifestyles

Are you on vacation? I hope so. I hope your current (or future) vacation is full of sun, fun, water, wine, interesting culture and new food. I, myself, am in Texas helping out my mom as she recovers from surgery. It […]

How To Save A Life

You’ve probably heard this one before: an old man saw a boy flinging starfish from where they were stranded on the beach back into the ocean so they could live. The old man asked the boy why he was wasting […]

How To Peddle Porn on Pinterest Without Really Trying

On Friday The Thirteenth, I received an email from Pinterest at 1:18 in the AM. Pinterest removed one of my pins because it “went against,” their policies on sexually explicit or pornographic content. I deleted it thinking it was a […]

Are You There Judy? It’s Me, Jen.

With summer almost upon us, I must prepare for the season by compiling my TBR list. I like to keep books in every room of my house, in each bag or purse, in the cars and next to most of […]

BMW vs. Pita Pit

Car Crashes Into Pita Pit at Westgate Shopping Center in Somewheres, OH. The news broke only this week. No one was hurt. That means I can continue with this post. Lucky us. A man in his 50s careened a BMW through […]

Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m not going to lie. I love to drink. I could do it all day. But I get horrible, terrible, horrible hangovers. To the point where it’s not worth it to indulge unwisely. My hangovers are pure, all-over, brown bottle […]

Milk, Milk, Lemonade

All I wanted to do was laundry. Mountains of it, because of a weekend getaway. A getaway with not much time for internetting or emailing or streaming. I was out of the loop, for like, two days. My energy level […]