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Every week, several readers visit the Mood Swings and ask the same question (I believe). Who is Jen Sako and why should I care?

Okay, that’s two questions. But, whatever.

The first question can be answered here. The second, I can’t answer easily. I don’t know why you should care.


Have you ever sat in a meeting, waiting room, party, quiet bar, or hell, the library, and laughed at something you saw or heard, but you’re the only one laughing? So you press your lips together and look at your cute shoes. Then, you hear a magical sound.

Another person laughing.

That person is me. I laughed too because that shit was hilarious. Sorry, it was. And I know it. And you know it. And we laughed. Together.

I don’t know why we were the only ones laughing. They didn’t get it or see it like we did. What can I say? We’re twisted. Twisted Sisters.

I write this blog to celebrate those moments. The moments when something strikes us as funny, off-kilter and oftentimes, off-color. There will be no education, no musings, no word-counts, no complaining about publishing and no ranting about anything. No poetry, no pictures of clouds and what they mean and no interesting bits of research. You’ve been warned. Oh, and no politics. I have my opinions but you’ll have to buy me drinks to get to them.

I will write about the following: the 70s, the 80s, music, movies, books, celebrities, sex, parties (not sex parties, there are other blogs for that, you dirty cow) and celebrities. There might be some food.

The best stuff is found by clicking the Blog tab on the top, although the last few should be listed right on the Home Page. To get back to the Home Page, click on Mood Swings at the top left. One of my favorite posts is this one.

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If you ever meet new people and think to yourself, please be like me, please be like me, please be like me, then you are in the right place.

Because I am.